The sched getparam and schedsetparam system calls

The sched_getparam( ) system call retrieves the scheduling parameters for the process identified by pid. If pid is 0, the parameters of the current process are retrieved. The corresponding sys_sched_getparam( ) service routine, as one would expect, finds the process descriptor pointer associated with pid, stores its rt_priority field in a local variable of type sched_param, and invokes copy_to_user( ) to copy it into the process address space at the address specified by the param parameter.

The sched_setparam( ) system call is similar to sched_setscheduler( ). The difference is that sched_setscheduler( ) does not let the caller set the policy field's value. [9] The corresponding sys_sched_setparam( ) service routine is almost identical to sys_sched_setscheduler( ), but the policy of the affected process is never changed.

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