Starting stopping and refreshing the Domino Web server

There are two ways to start the Domino 6 Web server:

► Manually, by entering load http at the server console

► Automatically at Lotus Domino 6 start-up, by adding it to the ServerTasks in Notes.ini

You can start only one HTTP task per Domino server; you have to use the Domino partitions feature to have more than one HTTP task running on the Linux server.

To stop the Web server, enter the command tell http quit at the server console, or remove HTTP from the ServerTasks in Notes.ini to stop it from starting at the next restart of the Domino server.

Type the command tell http restart at the server console to refresh the Web server, and if you made changes in the Domino Directory related to the HTTP configuration.

Tip: You can use the server -c Domino command to send a Domino console command from a UNIX prompt. Type server -c "tell http quit" to stop the HTTP task from a UNIX prompt.

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