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If you have hundreds or even thousands of digital photos stored on your hard drive, it can take quite some time to locate a specific photo. Even if you've titled your photos (such as birthday154.jpg), you still have to open them to see exactly who or what they display, or scan through thumbnails of all your photos looking (squinting, actually) for that one specific photo. It's a hassle, but Picasa offers a much better method.

Look back at Figure 8-15 and look under the photo for the text "Make a caption!" Click that line once and enter a description or keywords that reflect who or what is in the photo; press the Enter key when you finish. Figure 8-16 shows that I provided numerous keywords (or tags) for this photo.

Figure 8-16. Add a caption to a photo using as many descriptives as possible.

Notice that I included the month and year, the location (Florida), and, in this case, an age (21 months). Let's say I have a few thousand photos on my hard drive and I'm looking for all the photos that were taken in Florida. With Picasa, all I need to do is type the word florida on the search bar, as shown in Figure 8-17, and any photos that contain that tag (keyword) show up. You can enter multiple tags separated by a space or comma, and Picasa shows all photos with tags that match one or more of the tags.

Figure 8-17. Search using keywords, and matching photos will appear.

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