Free Software Defined

I hope you now have the Ubuntu operating system installed and are beginning to wonder about the possible uses it can provide. But if you're not yet convinced that a free operating system can compete with a big name operating system (BNOS), maybe this chapter (and the remaining chapters) will finally convince you to install Ubuntu.

Have you taken a look at the prices of software these days? Productivity applications (such as Microsoft Office) can easily exceed $300.00, and the most popular photo editing and graphic design applications are pushing $500.00 and higher! And what about the personal finance software that's supposed to help you monitor your bank account and get control of your spending? You'll be forking out $70.00 or more for those types of applications.

Or maybe not. Ever since someone slapped a price on a piece of software, someone else has offered a competing product for less—often for free. And it's that last part that this book is all about. In Chapter 1, I managed to build an ultra-low-cost computer (the U-PC); in Chapter 2, I showed you how to install a 100 percent free operating system on it.

Can you continue to keep the expenses down as you load up the U-PC with software?

Of course!


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