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One of the nicest features of Picasa is how easily the application makes purchasing prints of your photos. You first create a virtual album by selecting a photo that you want to purchase and then click the green pin button, as indicated in Figure 8-21. The pin keeps the selected photos in the Album section until you're done picking all the photos you want to order. (Click the red circle below the green pin to deselect all photos.)

Figure 8-21. Pin photos to keep in the album for purchasing online.

After you select all the photos you want to purchase, click the Shop button on the Picasa toolbar. A window opens (see Figure 8-22). You'll see a listing of companies that offer to print your photos for you at a price much lower than you'll find at a local photo kiosk or developer. Click the Choose button for a few (or all) of the companies and compare their prices; pick the one that works best for you and follow the onscreen instructions for submitting your photos via Picasa. The photos will be printed, boxed, and shipped to you. How easy is that?


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Choose a Provider

You can order prints and personalized products from a variety of service providers. Select a provider from the list on the right, and click the Choose button. Log into your account (or set one up) and begin uploading pictures.

About Ordering Prints

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Figure 8-22. Picasa offers links to a variety of photo printing services; shop for the best price.

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