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Total Money Magnetism is developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones who is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner since 1980s. He was a financially weak person struggling to pay his debts, somehow perceived an unusual guidance from a friend after which he became a self-made multi-millionaire, featured in Forbes magazine, People magazine and a lot of articles and radio interviews, and his clients include Hollywood celebrities, directors, CEOs, executives, and sports athletes. That guidance was 6 step secret method to develop a millionaire's brain which he explains in detail on this online interface. Actually, a poor person's brain is stuck in the same scratch while rich man's brain is well mapped and has the neural strength to always develop money making ideas. So Total Money Magnetism uses scientifically proven methods to effortlessly transform the programming of the brain to remove mental blocks, develop wealth pathways and build connections. This platform offers The Skill of Money Magnetism e-book, a valuable and inspirational audio track by Steve G. Jones himself, The Millionaire Mindset, which is an exclusive interview with many self-made millionaires, Mark Ling's 3 fastest ways to make millions online, and Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers, which are three proven and tested audio tracks to steadily and unconsciously reset your mind to become attractive to wealth. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Manifestation Millionaire

How to achieve success in life and in business is the focal point of everybody since elementary school until reaching the age of 60th. This book the manifestation millionaire present a vast variety of techniques that help the readers to develop their desire to transform into successful business figure and it presents a lot of techniques and methods to support the reader in their journey towards earning a six-figure income. The author of the book Darren Reagan explains how he raised from the bottom of failure to the highest of success using these methods presented in his book. The the manifestation millionaire will teach you the positive thinking and will teach you how the positive thinking is the real working method to use in order to break through your obstacles and be wealthy and successful. Any reader should be well skillful in kicking the negativity from his life just after few chapters and should be able to achieve his goals and become wealthy after applying the techniques and method in the book. I really like the variations in the manifestation techniques because it makes you comfortable choosing the best technique suits you and apply it to become a wealthy person. Read more here...

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The Wealth Compass

The Wealth Compass is a program that guides individuals on how to manifest the universe and obtain the positive energy it radiates. It is a product of Mark Pescetti, a proficient in manifestation. It is an appropriate program that helps you reexamine yourself and get rid of the negative atmosphere in your life. The program will help you progressively on how to change to a life fully joy and happiness. It has successfully assisted many people in doing away with deleterious thoughts they had at first and replace them with positive imaginations, enabling them to draw towards success. It has proved workable and will significantly transform your life, drawing you to the positive things you admire in life and delink you from the ones that generate negative vibes. To ensure that you fully benefit, there is four bonuses guide that you will be provided with. In case it does not satisfy your needs, you can claim a refund since there is a 60-day money back guarantee for everyone. Try it! Suggest it to friends! It is real and practical. Read more here...

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How Do Companies Make Money with Linux

Companies that want to make money selling software need to be more creative than they did in the old days. While you can sell the software you create that includes GPL software, you must pass the source code of that software forward. Of course, others can then recompile that product, basically using your product without charge. Here are a few ways that companies are dealing with that issue Bounties The concept of software bounties is a fascinating way for open source software companies to make money. Let's say that you are using XYZ software package and you need a new feature right away. By paying a software bounty to the project itself, or to other software developers, you can have your needed improvements moved to the head of the queue. The software you pay for will remain covered by its open source license, but you will have the features you need, at probably a fraction of the cost of building the project from scratch.

Users who know what they know

You are a Systems Administrator at a United States Air Force base. The people using your machines include people who fly million dollar weapons of destruction that have the ability to reduce buildings if not towns to dust. Your users are supremely confident in their ability. What do you do when an arrogant, abusive Colonel contacts you saying he cannot use his computer What do you say when you solve the problem by telling him he did not have it plugged in What do you do when you have to do this more than once It has happened.

Public Key and Trust Relationships

As long as this key remains private, then chances are, so will your letter. Second, notice that you and your friend did not have to distribute the whole password in some way.You only distributed half of the password (the public key). And, usually, it is extremely difficult to guess the private key from the public key. It is, of course, mathematically possible to use the public key to guess the private key, but it would take many million-dollar-plus supercomputers several months to do this. Only state-run organizations such as Scotland Yard and the CIA are likely to devote such resources to your little old message.

The total cost of ownership TCO of Linux is high

Customers must surely have suffered while the software corporations were presenting them with new features so as to make them upgrade and or achieve their current lock-in status. Divide this sum of money by the number of years (whatever timeframe you selected), and the number of MS Windows users (only in the countries in which software is normally paid for). Here is the TCO of MS Windows. However you count it, it will be many thousands of good US dollars per average joe per year. You didn't pay that much money Well, you must have, it has just been hidden from you (probably in the price of seemingly unrelated products and taxes). Yes, developed countries waste billions of dollars on software every year.

If Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions Are Free How Do They Make Any Money

There are many different ways that companies who distribute GNU Linux operating systems can make money. Ubuntu, for instance, provides an annual support subscription for users of Ubuntu. While many of the problems a user may encounter can be solved by visiting a forum or chat room, businesses and schools that run Ubuntu often want immediate answers. Support subscriptions can be purchased for desktops, servers, and thin client or cluster support. Users also have the option of purchasing 9 00 to 5 00 support or 24 7 support packages. Canonical also provides users with a marketplace where Ubuntu clothing and accessories can be purchased. Remember, not all GNU Linux distributions are free as far as cost is concerned. Certain companies do charge for enterprise and desktop versions of their operating system software. This software is usually reasonably priced and still allows users to modify the code to better suit their use of the software.

Gentoos Open Source Spirit

Although Gentoo could some day produce a commercial Linux distribution, Robbins and the Gentoo project are committed to the goals of open source software, while still allowing those who use the software to make money. Ways that those goals are reflected in Gentoo and not in other distributions include

Team LIB previous next

Financial planning is something that everyone does. The basic tool of financial planning is the budget. But unlike the home budget, the budget of a large corporation is managed at multiple levels within the organization. Sure, at some level, the board, the CEO, and the CFO decide that we will spend X million dollars for operations for this quarter, but that is the start of the process, not the end.

Filtering Email Using Header Information

AFrom mailer-daemon myclient .com REJECT ASubject Make money fast REJECT All e-mail sent received with To header containing at least the you string is rejected. Similarly, all e-mail sent from an account called mailer-daemon is rejected. The third regular expression states that any e-mail with the subject Make money fast is rejected.

Working with Words and Images

Computers are great for collecting and recording music, playing games, and communicating with far-off lands. While these functions are popular and exciting, one tool has been considered essential since the earliest days of personal computers document-creating applications. From ultrasimple text-only editors to feature-rich groupware systems, you'll be hard-pressed to find a PC without this basic functionality. Such software is so important that Microsoft makes billions of dollars each year selling productivity tools for the Windows OS.

Performing Security Audits

The purpose of a computer security audit is to test your system and network security. For larger organizations, the security audit may be done by an independent auditor (much like the auditing of financial statements). If you have only a few Linux systems or a small network, you can do the security audit as a self-assessment, just to figure out if you are doing everything okay.

Configuring Spam and Virus Detection in Kontact

These default actions, which are implemented by Kontact filter rules, mark the incoming spam as having been read and move it to the Trash folder for your account. You can change the folder to which spam is moved by clicking the folder icon in this dialog and selecting another folder in the dialog that displays. I typically create a spam folder and move messages there, to give me the opportunity to occasionally scan the folder to ensure that mail from friends of mine isn't actually being marked as spam. I have to do this because one of my friends has the unfortunate name of Make Money Fast.

Setting Up a Web Site with the Apache Web Server

Since then, the Apache web server has been adopted by companies such as Yahoo and Amazon as the software to run their web sites, providing the core business operations to customers around the world. Companies such as IBM, Sun, and SUSE have developed products and services that use and cater to users of the Apache web server, a multi-million-dollar segment of the open source industry. Today, 70 percent of the web servers serving content to the public on the web report themselves as using some variation of the Apache web server.

The 4 Future Of The Linux Desktop

I like your National Debt figure tally, which used to appear in the LJ Index. It is a healthy reminder of the country's economic burden. However, it is difficult to grasp how much money it is. Here is my favorite method to get it . A 100 bill is approximately 0.1mm thick. So in a cm, you have 100 bills 10,000. In a meter, you can stack a million dollars, or 1.6 billion dollars in a mile. So a National Debt of 2.54 trillion dollars is a stack of 1,587 miles of 100 bills If you split it in two and put it on a road, you will have almost 800 miles of 100 bills. If you drive your car on it, you will run out of gas before reaching the end

About Ubuntu

In 2005 Shuttleworth also created the Ubuntu Foundation, kicking it off with a 10 million dollar grant, which he calls insurance for the project should he ever cease his involvement. The foundation's purpose is to ensure the support and development for all future versions of Ubuntu. In December 2009, Shuttleworth stepped down as CEO of Canonical to focus on product design, partnerships, and customers.

What Does Free Mean

Many people ask, How do you make money on open source software when people can just give copies away Many companies, such as Red Hat, SuSE, and others, now do business creating and distributing open source software. They make money by providing more convenient methods of obtaining the software, such as packaging Linux distributions, or by providing customization and support services.

Programming Tools

Many developers like to work with an integrated development environment (IDE). IDEs provide GUI front-ends to editors, compilers, linkers, debugging utilities, and other programming tools. Some software companies make money selling IDEs for Linux development, such as Metrowerks CodeWarrior Other IDEs are open source projects, such as Code Crusader (http jcc), and KDevelop (http www

Reuven Mlerner

York-based 10gen (which intends to make money from licensing and support fees). It is written in C++, and there are drivers for all popular modern libraries. The software is licensed under the Affero GNU General Public License, which means if you modify the MongoDB source, and if those modifications are available on a publicly accessible Web site, you must distribute the source to your modifications. This is different from the standard GPL, which does not require that you divulge the source code to server-side applications with which people interact via a browser or other Internet client.

The GNU License

Software that is in the public domain can follow several license formats. Some allow you to resell the software, but must pay a royalty. Others allow you only to sell and make money on the costs of the duplication. The GNU license is shown here and is something that you will commonly encounter in the Linux and UNIX World. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991


Third, Sun needs to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. It continues to spend millions of dollars to duplicate a base operating system, when it could be addressing customers' needs by better supporting the Linux community and recognizing that the real enemy is a certain closed-source, proprietary operating system from a company that does not allow real competition. Sun needs to redefine its strategy and become a solutions company (like IBM and HP are doing), while not abandoning its line of VARs and resellers that made Sun great. Sun needs to learn how to compete on the really equal playing field that computer products are now proceeding toward. It can do that, but only if it is smarter about it.

Using Groups

Groups can have their permissions set so that members of that group have access to devices, files, filesystems, or entire machines that other users who do not belong to that group may be restricted from. Group permissions can be useful when you have an accounting department, for example, whose members need access to the company's accounts. You don't want non-accounting people to go snooping through financial statements, however, so creating a special group that has access to the accounting system makes sense.


If you are using a dial-up Postfix configuration, you can use fetchmail to automatically download your POP mail through SMTP to your mail server. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) routinely poll a static IP address that you have been assigned and automatically have your mail delivered through SMTP, but these services usually cost more money and are few and far between.

Growth of the DBA

People in the technology industry often ask How can I get ahead This is often tied to How can I make more money These are fair questions because IT certainly is a business. However, although many technology people are driven by money, most also do gain a level of personal satisfaction by being good at what they do. Combined with the dynamic nature of IT, growing and learning is more of a requirement than an option.


A type of spam that violates section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code. Such spams purport to be ways to make money by brokering shady funds transfers from Nigeria or other countries. Those who respond actually encounter increasing demands for cash to facilitate the promised funds transfers, which never occur.

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