This book again brought together Neil Edde and Maureen Adams, the team that first introduced me to Sybex. Neil, who is associate publisher for the Craig Hunt Linux Library, first proposed the idea of adding this book to the library. Maureen Adams, as the acquisitions editor for this series, got me pointed in the right direction and gave me the kick-start needed to get this book underway. Both of these fine people have my thanks.

The production editor for this book was Kylie Johnston. Kylie deserves special thanks for her ability to keep the project on schedule without alienating anyone. Nancy Sixsmith was the editor. I want to thank her for a light touch that improved the text without compromising my writing style. Matthew Miller was the technical editor. His suggestions were very helpful in creating a more accurate book.

The Sybex production team are consummate professionals. Thanks to Judy Fung and Nila Nichols, the compositors; Amey Garber, Dave Nash, Laurie O'Connell, and Nancy Riddiough, the proofreaders; Tony Jonick, the illustrator; and Ted Laux, the indexer.

I'd also like to thank Karen Ruckman of KJR Design in Washington D.C. Karen is a professional photographer and designer. I can attest to the fact that she is one of the best. Only the best of photographers could make my mug look presentable enough for the cover of a book.

Life can be very busy and complicated, yet deadlines remain unyielding and pressure builds. Thanks to Kathy, Sara, David, and Rebecca for enduring and diverting me. And a special thanks to little Alana for interrupting me with a charming smile when I didn't even know I needed to be interrupted.

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