BIND 9 view Statement

The view statement allows the same zone to be viewed differently by different clients. This makes it possible to provide an internal view to clients within an organization, and a more limited external view to clients in the outside world. The syntax of the view command is shown in Listing B.14.

Listing B.14: The view Statement Syntax view view-name {

match-clients { address_match_list }; [ view-option; ... ] [ zone-statement; ... ]

view-name An arbitrary name used inside the configuration to identify this view. To prevent conflicts with keywords, view-name should be enclosed in quotes, for example, "internal".

match-clients Defines the list of clients that will access the zone through this view.

view-option Any standard BIND 9 option. Any option defined inside the view statement applies only to this view. This allows different options to be applied to the same zone, depending on which view of the zone is being used.

zone-statement A standard BIND 9 zone statement. A complete zone statement is embedded inside the view statement to define the zone accessed through this view.

The view statement is available only in BIND 9. BIND 8 does not support views.

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