Configuring an NFS Client

To configure an NFS client, you need to know the hostname of the NFS server and the directories it exports. The name of the server is usually very well advertised—no one creates a server unless they want to have clients. The network administrator tells users which systems are NFS servers.

The Linux showmount command lists the directories that a server exports and the clients permitted to mount those directories. For example, a showmount —exports query to wren produces the output shown in Listing 9.4.

Listing 9.4: The showmount Command

$ showmount —exports wren

Export list for wren:




/usr/local/doc /usr/local/man /usr/local/bin


The showmount command lists the NFS directories exported by wren, and which clients are allowed to mount those directories. You can mount any of the directories offered by wren if you are a user on one of the approved clients.

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