The Craig Hunt Linux Library is a series of technical books dedicated to providing professional Linux system administrators with the information they need to do a tough job effectively. The goal of the library is to provide highly technical books that are clear, accurate, and complete. The library currently includes eight titles, with Linux Network Servers being the latest addition. Most of the books in this series focus in great depth on a single subject, and a glance at titles such as Linux Apache Web Server Administration and Linux DNS Server Administration shows that most of the books in the Craig Hunt Linux Library focus on network services.

No matter what your involvement in networking, the Craig Hunt Linux Library has the right book for you. Starting with Linux System Administration, which has one chapter on TCP/IP networking, through Linux Network Servers, which has one chapter on each networking topic, to books such as Linux Sendmail Administration that dedicate an entire book to a single network topic, the level of detail that you need is provided by the books in this library.

The important roles that Linux plays supporting network services is not only obvious from the titles of books in this library, it is clear from industry reports that show the strong and growing role of Linux as a network server. The partnership of Apache and Linux has long been acknowledged by professional web masters, but the range of network service provided by Linux goes far beyond support for the leading web server software. Linux provides a full range of network services, and Linux Network Servers covers them all.

I am very pleased that Linux Network Servers has now become part of the Craig Hunt Linux Library. This book fits nicely into the mission of this library, rounds out the selection of titles, and adds a book of highly acclaimed quality. If you know Linux, you know Alan Cox. For the uninitiated, Alan Cox is the person that the Linux Journal called "the Linux community's own Mr. Wizard." In his review of a previous version of this book, he said:

"If I had to pick a reference book for a new Linux Linux administration in the office, this would be it."

Enough said!

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Craig Hunt August 2002

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