In Sum

This final part of Linux Network Servers examined some of the ongoing tasks that are necessary for maintaining a reliable operational server. This book has focused on building a Linux network server from the ground up. Starting from configuring the network interface, you have seen how to lay the foundation for a reliable operational server. This book has described how the basic Internet services of routing, name service, e-mail service, and web service are configured, maintained, and secured. Further, you learned that a Linux system provides configuration services and file and printer sharing that are compatible with all types of clients, making Linux the operating system that can integrate your departmental network and thus simplify maintenance.

When configured and maintained by a well-informed computer professional, Linux is an excellent platform for an Internet or a departmental server. You provide the professional expertise, and this book has provided the information to get you started. As you dig deeper into specific services and tasks, you'll find the detailed information you need on many of these topics in the other books in the Craig Hunt Linux Library.

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