List of Tables

Chapter 1: The Boot Process

Table 1.1: Valid Action Values

Chapter 2: The Network Interface

Table 2.1: Escape Sequences and Their Meanings

Chapter 4: Linux Name Services

Table 4.1: named.conf Configuration Statements Table 4.2: DNS Database Record Types Table 4.3: rndc Commands Table 4.4: Databases Controlled by nsswitch.conf

Chapter 5: Configuring a Mail Server

Table 5.1: Pattern Matching Symbols Table 5.2: Rewrite Template Symbols

Chapter 6: The Apache Web Server

Table 6.1: DSO Modules Loaded in the Red Hat Configuration Table 6.2: Server Side Includes Commands

Chapter 7: Network Gateway Services

Table 7.1: Default gated Preference Values

Chapter 8: Desktop Configuration Servers

Table 8.1: pump Command-Line Options

Chapter 9: File Sharing

Table 9.1: Linux mount Command Options Table 9.2: More mount Options Table 9.3: smb.conf Variables

Chapter 10: Printer Services

Table 10.1: lpc Commands

Chapter 11: More Mail Services

Table 11.1: POP3 Commands Table 11.2: IMAP4 Commands Table 11.3: Access Database Actions Table 11.4: procmail Recipe Flags

Chapter 12: Security

Table 12.1: Wrapper Variables

Table 12.2: ssh Client Configuration Options

Chapter 13: Troubleshooting

Table 13.1: TCP Protocol States Table 13.2: tcpdump Packet Filters

Appendix A: Installing Linux

Table A.1: Common Partitions

Table A.2: Single-Character fdisk Commands

Appendix B: BIND Reference

Table B.1: BIND 8 Configuration Options Table B.2: New BIND 9 Options Table B.3: BIND 8 Logging Categories

Appendix C: The m4 Macros for sendmail

Table C.1: The sendmail m4 Macros Table C.2: Optional sendmail Features Table C.3: OSTYPE defines Table C.4: Mail Relay defines Table C.5: MAILER Values

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