PPP Client Configuration

Configuring a PPP client is as complex as configuring a server. The primary reason for this complexity is the fact that the client initiates the PPP connection. To do that, the client must be able to dial the server's phone number and perform any necessary login procedures. A pppd command for a client system might look like this:

pppd /dev/cual 115700 connect "chat -v dial-server" \ crtscts modem defaultroute

You have seen all but one of these options before. In fact, this command is almost identical to the PPP client configuration we created earlier for the dedicated link except for the connect option. The connect option identifies the command used to set up the serial-line connection. In the sample, the command is enclosed in quotes because it contains whitespace characters. The complete command is chat -v dial-server.

The chat program is used to communicate with devices, such as modems, attached to a serial port. The -v option causes chat to log debugging information through syslogd. In the example, dial-server is the name of the script file that chat uses to control its interaction with the modem and the remote server.

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