Printcap Parameters

The configuration parameters used in a printcap file define the printer characteristics that lpd needs to know in order to communicate with the printer. The syntax of the parameters varies slightly, depending on the type of value they are assigned. There are three types of parameters:

Boolean All printcap boolean values default to false. Specifying a boolean enables its function. Booleans are specified simply by entering the parameter name in the file. For example, :ab: tells lpd to always print banners.

Numeric Some parameters are assigned numeric values. The syntax of numeric parameters separates the value from the parameter name with a #. For example, :mx#1000: sets the maximum size for an acceptable print file to 1MB.

String Some parameters use string values. The syntax of string parameters separ-ates the value from the parameter name with an =. For example, :rp=laser: defines the name of a remote printer as laser.

A glance at the man page shows that there are a large number of printcap parameters. Thankfully, you'll never need to use most of them. Most printer definitions are fairly simple, and most printcap files are small. Servers usually have only one or two directly attached printers; any other printers defined in the printcap are probably remote printers.

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