Stopping Spam EMail

SPAM is a world-famous canned luncheon meat from Hormel Food. Internet spam isn't—it's junk e-mail. Spam e-mails are the unsolicited advertisements you receive that try to sell you a college diploma, pheromones that women can't resist, or pornography if those pheromones don't work. I'm sure you know what I mean because everyone attached to the Internet gets tons of this stuff.

One of your tasks as the administrator of a mail server is to reduce the amount of junk mail moving through the network. The techniques used for that task are the topic of this section.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam

In a classic Monty Python comedy skit, John Cleese plays a waiter reciting a menu. In the beginning, the menu has one SPAM selection, but with each recitation of the menu, more and more of the items become SPAM, until he finally describes the menu as "Spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam."

Similarly, e-mail spam replicates itself through every possible mailing list until you find yourself with a mailbox full of exactly the same message repeated over and over again. It is this mindless repetition that gives spam e-mail its name.

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