The acl Statement

The acl command assigns a name to an access control list so that it can be referenced elsewhere in the configuration. The syntax of the acl command for both BIND 8 and BIND 9 is shown in Listing B.10.

Listing B.10: The acl Statement Syntax acl name {


name An internal name for the list. There are four predefined names: any Matches every possible address. none Matches no addresses.

localhost Matches every address assigned to the local host.

localnet Matches every address where the network portion is the same as the network portion of any address assigned to the local host.

access_list A list of IP addresses written in dotted decimal notation with an optional address mask prefix. An exclamation point (!) before an address means "don't match" the value. An access_list can also contain the name of a previously defined access control list, including the four predefined names.

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