Using POP or IMAP from a Client

You're responsible for giving the user the correct information to configure his mail agent. The user needs to know the following:

• The hostname of the mail server

• The username and password required by the mail server

• Whether POP or IMAP should be used

Figure 11.2 shows a user configuring this information for the Netscape Communicator.

-igure 11.2: Configuring the mail client

This particular window permits the user to select POP3, IMAP, or something called Movemail from the Server Type list. By now, the meaning of POP3 and IMAP is obvious, but Movemail is something new. Movemail simply copies mail from the system's mail spool directory to the user's Netscape mail directory. Movemail works only when the local computer is also the mail server. Of course, with a Linux computer, this is possible.

Notice also that the configuration window allows you to name two different computers for outbound mail and inbound mail. It is possible for the departmental mailbox server and the server that forwards mail to the outside world to be two different computers.

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