Renaming A Netware Server That Is An Iscsi Initiator

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Renaming a NetWare server is always a cumbersome task. Of course, the procedure is simple: Change the name in autoexec.ncf and reboot the server. After the reboot, the eDirectory Limber process takes care of renaming the server object, and the change is synchronized to the other servers in the tree. But then the work begins because there will be login scripts, other scripts, batch files, and application objects with UNC paths that need to be updated. So, if possible, never rename a NetWare server.

If you ever have to rename your server and it is an iSCSI initiator, an extra step is needed because the server name is used in the server's registry for the name of the iSCSI initiator connection.

To change this name, you must edit the server's registry manually. To allow for modifications to be made through Remote Manager, unload portal.nlm and reload it with the /regedit parameter:


The example in Figure 9.1 shows the registry key that needs to be modified:

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