Exceptions To The Salvageable State

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Deleted files are maintained in this salvageable state unless one of the following occurs:

• The file is salvaged, restoring it to its original form.

• The server runs out of free space on the disk and begins to overwrite files that have been deleted for a specified period of time. The oldest deleted files are overwritten first. A configurable NSS parameter defines the amount of time a file must remain deleted before it can be overwritten.

• The administrator or user purges the file. (When purged, a file is completely removed from the disk and cannot be recovered.) You can purge files with the Novell Client and ConsoleOne.

• The Immediate Purge attribute can be set at the file, directory, or volume level to prevent files from being salvaged. You can set this attribute with the Novell Client and ConsoleOne.

• The administrator sets the NSS parameter /immediatePurgeofDeietedFiies. All volumes on that server will immediately purge deleted files. (The default for this parameter is Off. To disable immediate purge, set the NSS parameter /NoimmediatePurgeofDeieteFiies.)

If any one of these events occurs, the file is no longer salvageable.

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