Installing Apache Web Server

If you are interested in using Apache only as the foundation for your OES Linux tools and services, you don't have to do anything to get Apache up and running. The admin server configuration of Apache is installed automatically during most OES Linux installations.

However, if you chose to perform a custom installation of OES, or are adding OES components to an existing SLES9 server, you may want to install Apache manually. To install Apache Web Server manually through YaST, complete the following steps:

2. Select the Software category in YaST. (This is typically the category selected by default.) From within the Software category, click on the Install and Remove Software module.

3. Use the Filter drop-down box to select the Selections category.

4. In the Selection window (left pane of the main window), select Simple Webserver. (You can select the entire category, or just the Apache2 package in the right pane.)

5. If you'd like to install Tomcat Servlet Engine, change the Filter drop-down box to Search, and search on "Tomcat." In the right pane window, locate and select novell-tomcat4.

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