Removing the Client Software

To remove the Novell client software from a Windows workstation, use the Network control panel. The Novell Client uninstall will remove all client components from the workstation, but will leave behind a minimal footprint in the Windows Registry. That way, if you reinstall the client at a later time, the installation program can automatically load the same settings that were used previously.

To remove the Novell client from Windows XP/2000, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Network control panel by right-clicking My Network Places and selecting Properties.

2. Right-click Local Area Connection and then select Properties.

3. Select the Novell Client for Windows entry from the list of installed network services and click Uninstall.

4. Click Yes to confirm your decision.

5. Reboot the workstation to complete the client removal.

To remove the Novell client from Windows 9x, complete the following steps:

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