Finding Linux Distributions on the CD

The CD that comes with this book boots directly to a variety of smaller live and install CDs. The live/install CDs included on this CD include Debian (network install), Damn Small Linux (live/ install), INSERT (security CD), System Rescue CD, and SLAX (live/install CD). Coyote Linux is contained on a tar/gzip that you copy to a hard disk and build into a floppy Linux distribution from instructions in Chapter 28.

Debian GNU/Linux

The network install ISO image of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (40r3) is contained on the CD. Debian offers thoroughly tested releases that many Linux consultants and experts use because of Debian's excellent software packaging and stability. Debian is used as the sample distribution for creating a Web server (LAMP) and mail server, as described in Chapters 14 and 15, respectively.

You can start a Debian installation directly from the CD that comes with this book. With a basic install done from the CD, to add the components you need for a desktop or server system, you need to have a connection to the Internet.

To begin installing Debian to your hard disk, insert the CD into your PC's CD drive, reboot, and select debian.

The procedure for installing Debian is included in Chapter 19.

Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux 4.2 is set up to boot directly from the CD that accompanies this book. This distribution illustrates how a useful desktop Linux distribution, which includes full network connectivity and some useful productivity applications, can fit in a very small space.

To run Damn Small Linux live, insert the CD into your PC's CD drive, reboot, and select dsl.

See Chapter 28 for information on using Damn Small Linux.

Inside Security Rescue Toolkit

Inside Security Rescue Toolkit (INSERT) is a small, bootable Linux distribution that contains a variety of useful tools for checking, repairing, and recovering computers and networks. INSERT is small enough to fit on a bootable business card CD or mini-CD. While many of its tools are text-based, INSERT includes a simple graphical interface (using X and FluxBox window manager) and a few graphical tools.

To run INSERT live, insert the CD into your PC's CD drive, reboot, and select insert. Refer to Chapter 28 for descriptions of what's inside INSERT.

System RescueCd

Like INSERT, SystemRescueCd is a bootable Linux that includes a variety of tools for checking and fixing your installed computer systems. It includes tools for managing and fixing file systems, checking for viruses, monitoring the network, and checking whether a machine has been cracked. The SystemRescueCd image can be booted directly from the CD that comes with this book.

To run SystemRescueCd live, insert the CD into your PC's CD drive, reboot, and select rescue.

Refer to Chapter 28 for further information about SystemRescueCd.

Coyote Linux

Although not considered a major Linux distribution, Coyote Linux is an excellent illustration of a useful Linux distribution that fits on a floppy disk (1.4MB). You can copy the tar file of Coyote Linux on the CD that comes with this book to a Linux system, configure Coyote Linux to suit your needs, and copy the resulting boot image to floppy disk.

See Chapter 27 for information on how to configure and use Coyote Linux as a firewall.


The SLAX CD image is included on the CD that comes with this book. This live CD contains a well-stocked desktop Linux system. SLAX is described in Chapter 28.

To run SLAX live, insert the CD into your PC's CD drive, reboot, and select slax.

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