Accepting Incoming Mail

Ordinarily, Postfix accepts local mail addressed to $myhostname or localhost.$myhostname, where $myhostname is your hostname or whatever value you've set for this variable. You can broaden or narrow the range of accepted local addresses by changing the mydestination setting. For instance, you might set this value as follows for a domain's mail server:

mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$myhostname, localhost, $mydomain

You can add more names if you like, and in fact such a change may be required if the server should handle several domains or mail addressed to many specific clients on the network. If you specify many target destinations, you can break them across lines without using backslashes. Instead, indent the second and subsequent lines with one or more spaces or tabs. Postfix uses such indentation as a signal that the line is a continuation of the previous line's configuration.

Another option you may need to change is the inetjnterfaces setting. This option sets the interfaces to which Postfix listens. For instance, setting it to $myhostname tells the server to listen on the network interfaces associated with the primary hostname—or whatever value $myhostname uses. If you change this value or if you want Postfix to listen more broadly, you can set the option to all to have the server listen to all network interfaces.

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