Adding Programs to Gnomes Panels

You can add or modify elements on a GNOME Panel or its menus in various ways:

Creating or Deleting Panels Right-click a Panel and select Delete This Panel to delete it. To create a new Panel, select an option from the New Panel submenu.

Adding Items to a Panel Right-click the Panel and use the Add to Panel menu. This menu presents various options, including many common applets in assorted categories. If you want to add a launcher for a regular application, use the Launcher from Menu sub-option; this provides access to all the tools available from the GNOME Applications menu. To add a launcher for an application that's not listed on this menu, select Add to Panel 0 Launcher from the context menu; this action produces a dialog box in which you enter the name of the application, the path to its executable, an icon, and so on.

Deleting Items from a Panel Right-click the element you want to delete, and select Remove from Panel from the resulting context menu. GNOME immediately removes the element.

Moving Elements You can move Panel components by right-clicking them and selecting Move. The cursor changes to a four-pointed arrow, and you can then slide the element around the Panel.

Adding Items to a Menu Click a menu and move the cursor to an item that's not a submenu, then right-click and select Entire Menu O Add New Item to This Menu. GNOME displays a Create New Launcher dialog box—the same as it displays when you create a launcher for the desktop.

On the whole, GNOME'S Panels are extremely flexible. With a bit of work, you can customize them to include almost any tool you like, making them launchable in almost any way you like.

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