Providing Remote Login Access

Figure 26.1: An X server functions as a way of transferring data between a user and a user's programs.

Figure 26.2: GDM provides a GUI configuration tool in which you can activate XDMCP options.

Figure 26.3: Windows X servers typically provide a GUI tool for setting XDMCP server options.

Figure 26.4: XDMCP clients frequently enable you to pick which XDMCP server to use from a list.

Figure 26.5: VNC's network model is complex, but in practice it can be easier to use.

Figure 26.6: KDE enables you to share your desktop using VNC.

Figure 26.7: A VNC client displays a remote system's desktop within a single window—note the window border surrounding this desktop image.

Figure 26.8: Linking VNC to XDMCP gives you a traditional Linux GUI login over VNC.

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