Miscellaneous User Tools

Figure 8.1: GUI sound editors let you modify sounds using visual representations of the audio waveform.

Figure 8.2: Grip is a powerful and popular MP3 and Ogg Vorbis encoder front-end. Figure 8.3: XMMS displays information about the files it plays and enables you to control playback using GUI tools.

Figure 8.4: gPhoto presents an index of images stored on the camera.

Figure 8.5: You can make basic color balance adjustments prior to saving a photo to disk.

Figure 8.6: The GIMP provides several windows to control its many features. Figure 8.7: Most web browsers enable you to specify default fonts and disable use of other fonts.

Figure 8.8: You can disable features such as Java and JavaScript in a web browser's configuration dialog box.

Figure 8.9: All major web browsers enable you to specify one or more proxy servers to use instead of direct access.

Figure 8.10: Setting the appropriate cookie options can help you protect your privacy on the Web.

Figure 8.11: You must tell your mail reader how to send and receive mail.

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