Combining Many Mail Accounts Fetchmail

If you have many mail accounts, you may find configuring and checking them all in your mail clients to be tedious. You might also want to use two or more mail readers—say, a text-based client for when you're not using X, and a GUI client for other times. In such a situation, your mail-reading life would be much simpler if you could combine all your mail accounts into one. Linux provides a tool that enables you to do this: Fetchmail ( This program is a mail client, but instead of enabling you to read the mail, it forwards it on to another account. A Linux computer that uses Fetchmail will typically use it to read mail from one or more external POP or IMAP accounts and inject the mail into the local computer's mail spool. You can then use mail readers configured to access the local mail spool, or even re-export the mail using your own POP or IMAP server.

For more information on Fetchmail, consult Chapter 25, "Delivering E-Mail."

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