Compiling and Installing a Kernel

Picking all the kernel options is the most tedious part of creating a custom kernel. Given the hundreds of available options, it can take an hour or more to review the possibilities, particularly if you're diligent and review every option. Once this task is done, typing a few commands should finish the job of compiling the kernel and making it available for use. You issue separate commands for compiling the kernel file proper and your kernel modules. You must then install the new kernel and its modules and reboot the computer to use the new kernel.

Warning Building a kernel requires the presence of assorted development tools. Most distributions provide some easy way to install these tools during system installation (by selecting a development tools package). Tools required include the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), make, procps, possibly filesystem-specific tool kits, and so on. If you're missing a tool, you'll encounter an error message when you try to compile the kernel.

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