Configuring Extra Mouse Buttons

A few mice have more than three buttons. You can often configure these buttons to do interesting things in X programs, but the configuring is done on a program-by-program basis. You can use the same techniques to assign meanings to a scroll wheel for programs that don't support it natively; just assign a button 4 action to one wheel direction and a button 5 action to the other wheel direction.

The basic procedure is to modify a program's configuration file to assign meaning to these extra mouse buttons. Unfortunately, there's no single central repository of such configuration files. You may be able to locate information on how to accomplish this task in a program's documentation. If not, check the following websites, which focus on using wheel mice under X:

These sites provide instruction and tools for configuring programs to use wheel mice. Because X handles the wheel by emulating a fourth and fifth button, these instructions can also be used to implement support for more than three true buttons.

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