Configuring the Hostname

The primary setting in /etc/exim/exim.conf that affects the apparent hostname is qualify_domain. This option sets the domain name that's added to mail from local users if the mail reader program doesn't provide one. You set this and other Exim options much as you set options in Postfix, using an equal sign:

qualify_domain =

Exim doesn't provide quite the sort of options for altering the hostname in outgoing messages that sendmail and Postfix provide. Instead, Exim provides a generalized address rewriting mechanism. This system is called from /etc/exim/exim.conf using lines like the following, which appear near the end of the file:

* ${lookup{$1}lsearch{/etc/email-addresses}\

{$value}fail} frFs

This line tells Exim to use /etc/email-addresses as a file that contains substitution pairs for the domain. If you like, you can duplicate this line and change the domain at the start of the line and the lookup file in order to support changes for additional domains. The lookup file contains lines such as the following:

ben: [email protected] sally: [email protected]

These lines tell the system to change any outgoing mail originating from ben to appear to come from [email protected], and to change mail from sally to appear to come from [email protected].

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