Creating a Custom Video Mode

One problem that vexes some Linux users is getting X to display acceptably on a monitor. The issue here isn't one of graphics manipulation speed, color depth, or the like; it's getting the best resolution, getting the best refresh rate, or centering the display properly on the screen. Fortunately, X is very flexible in its handling of displays, so it's possible to get it to do just about anything you might want. Unfortunately, doing so can be tricky, because it involves editing the video configuration at a low level. Fortunately, there are tools to help you do this.

Warning Creating a custom video mode poses many of the same risks as setting the horizontal and vertical refresh rates of your monitor at random. Monitors made in the late 1990s and beyond usually ignore incorrect inputs, but earlier monitors may be damaged if you feed them incorrect inputs. Be extremely cautious when you create custom video modes.

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