Creating a Desktop Environment Thats Just Right

Some people aren't particularly enamored of either KDE or GNOME. Such people consider these environments to be bloated or they don't like certain details of their operation or they have specific needs that aren't met by these desktop environments. There may also be hardware-related reasons to favor other tools. Specifically, KDE and GNOME both consume a lot of memory, so they don't work well on low-memory systems. In these cases, an alternative environment may be in order. One such environment is XFce. XPde is another option, and may be a good one for those who are familiar with the Windows XP desktop. Another option is to create your own custom environment using just the components you need. Three main types of programs go into such an environment: a window manager, a file manager, and an assortment of small utilities for adjusting the environment, editing files, and so on. Locating and trying such tools can be a time-consuming task, though.

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