Delivering Mail to Clients with POP or IMAP

In years past, users often logged onto mail server computers using remote login protocols such as Telnet in order to read mail locally using mail readers such as Pine ( or ELM ( Such configurations are still workable today, but a more common configuration involves mail clients running on desktop or workstation systems. These clients connect to the mail server computer using a pull protocol such as POP or IMAP. This configuration allows users to run mail readers that utilize whatever GUI environment the users prefer. A POP or IMAP server can handle clients that run under Windows, Mac OS, Linux, OS/2, BeOS, or almost any other OS.

If you choose to run POP or IMAP, your first decision regards the POP or IMAP server. You must pick which protocol you want to support as well as the specific server package. Once that's done, you must install and configure the pull mail server and test it to be sure it works as intended.

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