Exchanging Data via Foreign Filesystems

It's usually desirable to share or exchange data between the different OSs installed on a multiboot system. The simplest way to do this is to set aside at least one partition for data exchange. In some cases, one or more OSs can read other operating systems' native filesystems. Directly accessing another OS's main filesystems can simplify matters, but it also increases risks—a filesystem driver bug or user error can more easily wipe out another OS's data. In any event, you must configure one or more OSs to handle the data transfer or foreign OS's filesystems. Before doing this, though, you must decide which filesystem to use for data exchange.

Note If you want to further isolate Linux from other OSs, you can configure the OSs not to read each others' disks, and instead use removable media for file exchange. Chapter 2 includes information on filesystems for removable media, including exchanging data between Linux and non-Linux computers. This information is also applicable to transferring data between two "sides" of a single computer.

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