Kernel Configuration Tools

You can set some kernel options at boot time by adjusting your boot loader configuration, as described in Chapter 1, "Optimizing System Architecture Usage" and Chapter 10, "Using Multiple OSs." You can also adjust options related to kernel features that are loaded as kernel modules by adjusting the module options in /etc/modules.conf, as described in Chapter 1. Many other features, though, require adjusting the kernel's compilation options. These options determine whether or not a feature is compiled into the kernel, determine whether or not it's compiled as a module, and occasionally adjust settings that influence how a feature operates. Some of these features affect your system's overall performance or the ability of a driver (or of the kernel itself) to work at all on your system. This chapter is devoted to explaining these options, but you must first understand how to adjust them. The details of this process vary with your kernel version number and whether you're using text-based or GUI configuration tools. The kernel configuration tools changed early in the 2.5.x kernel series, so this chapter describes both the old and the new system.

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