Locating Scanner Support

SANE ships with all of the major Linux distributions. If you want to get something more recent, you can check the main SANE web page, http://www.mostang.com/sane/. This site also holds information on supported scanners. Support categories are stable (tested and known to work), beta (seems to work fairly well), alpha (very new support that may contain major bugs), untested (should theoretically work, but hasn't been tested), and unsupported (doesn't work). Some devices may be unsupported by one driver, but they will work with others.

If you can't find support for your scanner on the official SANE web page, do a web search; you may turn up an experimental driver that hasn't yet been integrated into the main SANE package. If your scanner is a USB model, you should also check http://www.linux-usb.org, which hosts information on USB developments, including links to new drivers. Many new and experimental drivers aren't very stable, though, and they may require you to recompile SANE from source code. You might do better to retire your existing scanner and buy a new one.

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