Managing Files with Konqueror

Konqueror performs double duty in KDE: It's both a file manager and a web browser. The Konqueror window in Figure 6.2 is typical—it shows the contents of the home directory in the right pane, which dominates the window, and the left pane shows a diagram of available subdirectories. You can move into a directory by double-clicking its folder icon in the main directory pane or by clicking the folder in the subdirectory list. The arrow buttons just below the menu bar enable you to go back to directories you've already seen or to move up one level in the directory hierarchy.

As with most other file managers, you can manipulate files by double-clicking them or by right-clicking them and selecting an option from the resulting context menu. Typically, double-clicking a file opens it in an appropriate application, as determined by the file's Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) type. The next section, "Changing KDE's MIME Type Mappings," describes how to configure Konqueror to launch specific applications for specific MIME types. Right-clicking a file produces a context menu with many options, including deleting the file, renaming the file, setting the file's properties (its filename and permissions), and opening or previewing the file in a variety of applications.

You can click and drag files from one directory to another. When you do so, Konqueror asks if you want to copy the file, move the file, or create a link to the file. The desktop is just another directory as far as Konqueror is concerned, so you can create links to important files or programs on the desktop by dragging the originals and choosing to create links. If you drag a file to the trash can, Konqueror asks if you want to move it to the trash, and if you respond in the affirmative, Konqueror does so. Trashed files remain accessible until you right-click the trash can icon and select Empty Trash Bin from the context menu.

You can change many defaults of Konqueror's behavior by selecting Settings O Configure Konqueror from its menu bar. The resulting dialog box provides many options in assorted categories. Most of the ones that are important for Konqueror's use as a file manager appear in the Behavior, Previews, and File Associations categories. You can change whether Konqueror opens new windows when you double-click a directory, whether it asks for confirmation before moving files to the trash, which applications to associate with particular file types, and so on.

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