Manipulating Photos

Photos taken with digital cameras can frequently benefit from manipulations of various types. gPhoto provides facilities for performing some common manipulations. To make any of these changes, you must download an image into gPhoto and select it by clicking its tab. Changes you can make to photos before saving them include:

Rotations You can use the Image O Orientation O Rotate Clockwise and Image O Orientation O Rotate Counter-Clockwise menu options, or the Rotate icons, to rotate an image if it appears sideways in the image preview window.

Flips You can create a mirror-image reversal of the photo by using the Image O Orientation O Flip Horizontal and Image O Orientation O Flip Vertical menu options, or the equivalent Flip icons.

Resize Three options under the Image O Size menu enable you to resize the image: You can double the image's size, halve it, or change it to any value you like. (The final option is also available from the Resize icon.)

Color Balance Sometimes the colors in a photo don't look right. You can adjust the color of the image by selecting the Image O Color Balance menu item or by clicking the Colors icon. The result is the Color Adjustment dialog box shown in Figure 8.5. Click on one of the four color graphs on the right side of the image (one each for gray, red, green, and blue). You can then adjust the gamma, brightness, and contrast values for that color by moving the sliders under the color graphs. The miniature image on the left side of the dialog box displays the results of your manipulations. When you're satisfied, click Apply and then Close.

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Figure 8.5: You can make basic color balance adjustments prior to saving a photo to disk.

One common desirable manipulation is missing from gPhoto: cropping. In order to crop an image (say, to remove a telephone pole at the edge of a photo), you must use an external image manipulation program. Such programs frequently offer more obscure and sophisticated manipulations, too, such as the ability to add text and filters to create special effects. Therefore, it's well worth learning to use such programs, as described in the next section.

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