Optimizing Linux Web Browsers

Many users find web browsers to be indispensable. The World Wide Web (WWW or Web for short) has become a valuable research tool; many companies and organizations place a great deal of information on their web pages. The Web has also become an important channel for commerce, with retailer websites popping up all over the world. Getting the most from the Web begins with choosing a web browser; a bad choice can make for a bad Linux web browsing experience. One common problem with web browsing in Linux is the use of poor web fonts, but you can take steps to improve this matter. Finally, for all its power and utility, the Web has also become a security minefield. If you're not careful, your private information, including very sensitive data such as credit card numbers, can fall into the wrong hands. Many organizations also try to track your online activities in ways you might not like. You can avoid a lot of problems by understanding these privacy and security issues and configuring your web browser to avoid problems.

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