The preceding two chapters described configuring various devices (such as the CPU, video card, and hard disks) that usually reside inside the computer's case. Many computer devices, though, are external—they sit outside of the computer and connect to it via a cable, or sometimes even an infrared or radio link. Examples include keyboards, mice, scanners, cameras, modems, and printers. Most of these devices connect through one of three types of ports, or interfaces: the Universal Serial Bus (USB), RS-232 serial ports, or parallel ports. A few devices, including many keyboards and mice, as well as some scanners, interface through other ports. This chapter begins with a look at the three main ports; you'll need to know about them even when you're dealing with devices (such as cameras, modems, and printers) that aren't explicitly covered in this chapter. This chapter then looks at three different external devices: keyboards, mice, and scanners.

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