Running Postfix

Mandrake 9.1 and SuSE 8.1 both ship with Postfix as the default mail server. Compared to sendmail, Postfix is simple to configure. Postfix uses a primary configuration file, /etc/postfix/, that has a relatively straightforward syntax. This file is also usually very well commented, so you can learn a lot about your configuration by perusing the main configuration file. One problem with Postfix configuration is that it relies heavily on variables, such as myhostname. One variable may be used to set another, which may be used to set another, and so on. Therefore, you may need to trace your way back through several layers of variable assignments to learn how an important variable is set. As with bash shell scripts, Postfix variable names are preceded by a dollar sign ($) when accessed, but not when you assign values to them. As with sendmail, some default settings may need to be changed, even on a fairly simple configuration.

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