Serving Dynamic Content with CGI Scripts

No doubt you've encountered web pages that are composed of dynamic content. The hallmark of such a site is that its content varies from one user to another. For instance, the "shopping cart" page on a web merchant's site is dynamic content. Web search engines rely on dynamic content—after all, your search may be entirely unique. Given the popularity of both Apache and dynamic content, it shouldn't be surprising that Apache supports delivering dynamic content. Doing so requires telling Apache how to deliver dynamic content, as well as creating that content. Unfortunately, dynamic content is one of the riskier web server configurations, so you must be aware of the dangers it poses.

Note This section focuses on configuring Apache to deliver dynamic content. Creating that content is potentially very complex—more complex than telling Apache how to deliver it. The upcoming section, "Creating CGI Scripts," introduces the topic, but doesn't cover it in great detail.

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