Linux supports several protocols that are designed for two-way file transfer. Three of the most popular of these protocols are FTP, NFS, and SMB/CIFS. Each of these tools has its place. FTP is most useful in making files available to anonymous users or for two-way file transfers with clients of any OS. Several FTP servers are available for Linux, ranging from small specialized tools to complex servers that support very advanced options. NFS is a file-sharing server for Unix and Unix-like OSs. It relies on the client for some security features, so its use is best restricted to a very limited set of (probably local) computers. SMB/CIFS is conceptually similar to NFS, but it is used primarily on Windows networks. Linux's SMB/CIFS server, Samba, supports a huge number of options for helping integrate Linux and Windows systems. With all of these servers, you should be mindful of potential security problems associated with file servers.

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