The 25x26x Kernel Configuration Tools

One of the changes with the 2.5.x kernel series was an extensive revision to the kernel configuration system. The kernel is still configured using the same commands described in the previous section, "The 2.4.x Kernel Configuration Tools;" however, the underlying tools that perform the configuration are entirely new. If you use make xconfig to perform a GUI configuration, the appearance of the configuration utility has also changed. Figure 15.3 shows the make xconfig tool for kernel 2.5.67. The 2.6.x kernel series' GUI configuration tool will closely resemble the one shown in Figure 15.3. The list in the left pane shows the main categories of options, while the upper-right pane shows the options available in specific categories. The lower-right pane shows help text (the same text available from the Help button in 2.4.x kernels or available when using make menuconfig). Some of these options, denoted by triangles to the left of their names, have expandable sets of sub-options; click the triangle to hide or show these sub-options. (Some distributions may use different icons, such as plus and minus signs in a box rather than a rotatable arrow, to denote expandable categories.) Some options, when you click them, replace the contents of the entire upper-right pane with a series of additional options. You can return to the original display by clicking the tiny back arrow button on the topmost element of this display (such an arrow is visible in Figure 15.3).

Figure 15.3: The 2.5.x kernel series changes the appearance of the GUI configuration

In the 2.5.x and later GUI tool, a check mark stands for a Y response, a solid dot stands for an M, and an empty square or circle stands for N. Some options enable you to select between one of several possibilities; when you click one option, the others in the class are deselected. If you double-click an entry that supports numeric data entry, you can type a number to enter it.

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