Using a Custom Modeline

Once you've obtained a new modeline, using it is fairly straightforward:

1. Copy the modeline into the XF86Config file. The simplest configuration is to put the modeline in the Monitor section for the monitor with which you'll use it. If you used the XFree86 Modeline Generator web page, you can use a cut-and-paste operation to move the modeline from the web page directly into XF86Config.

2. Add a reference to the new modeline in the appropriate Display subsection of your Screen section. For instance, if your Modes line reads Modes "1024x768" "800x600" and you want to add the modeline described earlier, you would change this line to read Modes "[email protected]" "1024x768" "800x600".

3. Save the XF86Config file and exit from X, if it's running.

4. From a text-mode login, type startx to test the new video mode.

If your video mode works, then you're in business. It may be that it works but produces a display that's misaligned, too large, or too small, though. You can probably use monitor controls to get the display to appear as you want, but you may want to adjust the modeline instead. If so, read on

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