Using a Static IP Address

If you're running a server that requires a fixed IP address or if your network doesn't have a DHCP server, chances are you'll configure your network options the old-fashioned way—using a static IP address. Most distributions provide tools to help configure a static IP address at system installation time or from system configuration utilities after you've installed Linux. For instance, Figure 19.2 shows a tool that comes with Mandrake. Type drakconf or locate the Mandrake Control Center on your system's menus, then navigate to the DrakConnect option in the Network & Internet area. Click Wizard, and follow the prompts to answer this and other configuration questions.

Figure 19.2: GUI tools enable you to set up a system for basic functionality using a static IP address.

Some configurations require going beyond the options supported by configuration tools such as drakconf. When you find yourself having to set unusual options, you may need to dig into configuration files. Knowing where to look can save you a lot of time and frustration. One situation that deserves special attention is configuring a computer with more than one NIC. Even if you use DHCP on one or more interfaces, such systems typically require manual adjustment to work correctly.

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