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This book is written for experienced Linux or Unix users who want to take their general knowledge of Linux to the next level. You should have already read a more introductory Linux book, such as Vicki Stanfield's and my Linux System Administration, 2nd Edition (Sybex, 2002). Alternatively, you might have gained knowledge in Linux or Unix through other means, such as reading web pages. Whatever the case, you now want to move beyond using a GUI environment's basic tools or every server's default configuration. Of course, this book can't cover specific servers or subsystems in any great depth, so if you want to learn about a specific tool, such as Apache or sendmail, you might be better off with a book on that topic. Instead, this book brings greater depth to a wide array of Linux system administration and use topics.

Like many OSs, Linux can be employed in a variety of environments. It can be a desktop OS in a home, a workstation in an office, or a server in a business. Linux users are equally diverse, but many of the needs of these users are the same. This book aims to cover these common needs first, but it also includes information relevant for specific user types. For instance, configuring fonts is a high priority for those running a desktop system or workstation, but it is not very important for most server administrators. Optimizing network configurations is more important to them. This book includes information on both fonts and network optimizations.

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