D210 Productivity

This section contains packages that are associated with increasing productivity. gnome-pim -- (Version 1.0.7, 666K)

The GNOME Personal Information Manager consists of applications to make keeping up with your busy life easier.

Currently these apps are present:

- gnomecal : personal calendar and todo list - gnomecard: contact list of friends and business associates gnumeric -- (Version 0.23, 5,036K)

Applications [W]

GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. This powerful environment is both easy to use and easy to configure.

This package will install Gnumeric the GNOME spreadsheet program. This program is intended to be a replacement for a commercial spreadsheet, so quite a bit of work has gone into the program.

Install this package if you want to use the GNOME spreadsheet Gnumeric.

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50 Tips To Boost Productivity

50 Tips To Boost Productivity

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