Gsl Version 03f 868K

The gsl package includes the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). The GSL is a collection of routines for numerical analysis, written in C. The GSL is in alpha development. It now includes a random number suite, an FFT package, simulated annealing and root finding. In the future, it will include numerical and Monte Carlo integration and special functions. Linking against the GSL allows programs to access functions which can handle many of the problems encountered in scientific computing.

Install the gsl package if you need a library for high-level scientific numerical analysis. gtk+ -- (Version 1.2.1, 1,942K)

The gtk+ package contains the GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating graphical user interfaces for the X Window System. GTK+ was originally written for the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) image processing program, but is now used by several other programs as well.

If you are planning on using the GIMP or another program that uses GTK+, you'll need to have the gtk+ package installed.

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