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/dev directory /etc directory /etc/hosts file, managing /etc/sysconfig, files in /lib directory /proc directory /sbin directory /usr directory /usr/local directory /usr/local directory /var directory account management account management account modification account modification acknowledgments addendum, Alpha adjtimex package administration, system AfterStep package AfterStep-APPS package aktion package Alpha addendum Alpha computer am-utils package AMD

anonftp package anonymous FTP AnotherLevel package apache package apache-devel package apmd package arpwatch package ash package

Contents at package

ATAPI CD-ROM!unrecognized, problems with audiofile package audiofile-devel package aumix package authconfig package authentication configuration authentication configuration!kickstart authentication configuration!MD5 Password authentication configuration!NIS

authentication configuration!Shadow Password autoboot autoconf package autofs package automake package autostart, selecting services for awesfx package basesystem package bash package bash2 package bash2-doc package bc package bdflush package bin86 package bind package bind-devel package bind-utils package binutils package

BIOS, issues related to LILO

bison package blt package boot diskette boot method selection for SPARC boot process bootable CD-ROM booting from diskette for SPARC booting installation program booting!rescue mode booting!rescue mode!a trick booting!rescue mode!using diskettes booting!rescue mode!using LILO booting!single user bootparamd package byacc package bzip2 package caching-nameserver package CD-ROM boot commands, SPARC CD-ROM Installation CD-ROM installation CD-ROM Installation!for SPARC CD-ROM module parameters CD-ROM!ATAPI

CD-ROM!ATAPI, unrecognized, problems with



CD-ROM!IDE, unrecognized, problems with



cdecl package cdp package changing passwords changing passwords changing root password changing root password changing time/date chkconfig package chkconfig utility chkfontpath package class!installation class!installation class!installation cleanfeed package clock clone network devices comanche package comp.os.linux

Compact Discs!Linux Applications Pack Compact Discs, Red Hat Linux compat-binutils package compat-egcs package compat-egcs-c++ package compat-egcs-g77 package compat-egcs-objc package compat-glibc package compat-libs package components!missing components!selecting components!selecting comsat package configuration! systemjseeLinuxconf configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration anonymous FTP

clock ethernet


hosts kerneld kerneld!adding modules configuration kerneld!changing modules configuration kerneld!module options configuration kerneld!restarting configuration

LAN manager printer configuration local printer configuration

NCP printer configuration

NetWare printer configuration network configuration network configuration network device, adding configuration network dialogs configuration network routes configuration



configuration pocket network adapters configuration

configuration printer configuration printer configuration printer test page configuration remote printer configuration selecting nameservers configuration




configuration!SMB printer configuration!system configuration!time configuration!time zone configuration!token ring configuration!X Window System configuration!XFree86 configuration, hardware configuration, hardware!finding with Windows configuration, video configuring console access console access!configuring console access!defining console access!disabling console access!disabling all console access!enabling console access!making files accessible console commands for SPARC

console-tools package consoles, virtual control paneljseecontrolpanel control-center package control-center-devel package control-panel package controlpanel


Costales, Bryan cpio package cpp package cproto package cracklib package cracklib-dicts package crontabs package


ctags package cvs package cxhextris package Cyrix daemon, kernel date!setting dd, creating installation diskette with deleting accounts deleting accounts deleting groups deleting groups dependencies, packages dependencies, packages desktop-backgrounds package destructive partitioning dev package devices!network, clone dhcp package dhcpcd package dialog package diffstat package diffutils package



















disabling accounts disabling accounts

Disk Druid

Disk Druid

Disk Druid!aborting

Disk Druid!aborting

Disk Druid!adding NFS with

Disk Druid!adding NFS with

Disk Druid!adding partitions with

Disk Druid!adding partitions with

Disk Druid!buttons

Disk Druid!buttons

Disk Druid!current partitions screen

Disk Druid!current partitions screen

Disk Druid!deleting partitions with Disk Druid!deleting partitions with Disk Druid!drive summary screen Disk Druid!drive summary screen Disk Druid!editing partitions with Disk Druid!editing partitions with Disk Druid!function keys Disk Druid!function keys Disk Druid!problems adding partitions Disk Druid!problems adding partitions Disk Druid!starting over Disk Druid!starting over Disk Druid!using Disk Druid!using Disk Druid!when finished with Disk Druid!when finished with disk partitioning, SPARC disk, partitioning disk-based installation for SPARC

diskette boot commands, SPARC

diskette!boot diskette!boot, creating diskette!network boot, creating diskette!PCMCIA support, creating diskette, making under Linux-like O/S

diskette, making with MS-DOS

diskettes diskettes diskettes diskettes!boot diskettes!images, updated diskettes!network boot diskettes!support diskettes!support documentation documentation!FAQs documentation!finding documentation!HOWTOs documentation!HOWTOs documentation!HTML

documentation!info pages documentation!locate command documentation!makewhatis, searching with documentation!man pages documentation!man pages!printing documentation!man pages!searching documentation!man pages!section documentation!on-line documentation!package documentation documentation!PAM documentation!READMEs documentation, how to improve documentation, obtaining additional dosemu package dosemu-freedos package drivers, kernel dump package e2fsprogs package e2fsprogs-devel package ed package editor's acknowledgements editor's notes ee package efax package egcs package egcs-c++ package egcs-g77 package egcs-objc package eject package ElectricFence package elm package emacs emacs package emacs-el package emacs-leim package emacs-nox package emacs-X11 package enabling accounts enlightenment package enlightenment-conf package enscript package errata esound package esound-devel package etcskel package ethernet

Ethernet module parameters Ethernet, supporting multiple cards exmh package expect package expert installation mode exporting NFS filesystems ext2ed package extended partitions faces package faces-devel package faces-xface package faq package

FAQ!ATAPI CD-ROM!unrecognized, problems with FAQ!IDE CD-ROM!unrecognized, problems with FAQ!technical support FAQs

FAT32 filesystems, accessing fbset package fdisk fdisk fdisk!overview of fdisk!overview of fdisk!using fdisk!using features, new to 6.0 feedback, how to give fetchmail package fetchmailconf package file package filesystem configuration filesystem configuration filesystem configuration!other partitions filesystem configuration!other partitions filesystem configuration!root partition filesystem configuration!root partition filesystem formats, overview of filesystem package filesystem!how to review filesystem!how to review filesystem!overview of filesystem!standard filesystem!structure filesystems!NFS, exporting of filesystems!NFS, mounting of fileutils package findutils package finger package finishing installation fips partitioning utility flex package floppy group, use of fnlib package fnlib-devel package formatting partitions formatting partitions fortune-mod package freetype package freetype-devel package

Frequently Asked Questions|seeFAQs friends, impressing with RPM


FTP Installation

FTP Installation

FTP Installation

FTP Installation!for SPARC

ftp package




FTP!ftpusers fvwm package fvwm2 package fvwm2-icons package fwhois package gated package gawk package gd package gd-devel package gdb package gdbm package gdbm-devel package gdm package gedit package gedit-devel package genromfs package gettext package getting started Getting Started Guide getty_ps package gftp package ghostscript package ghostscript-fonts package giftrans package gimp package gimp-data-extras package gimp-devel package gimp-libgimp package gimp-manual package git package glib package glib-devel package glib10 package glibc package glibc-devel package glibc-profile package GLINTjseeGnoRPM glossary gmc package gmp package gmp-devel package gnome-audio package gnome-audio-extra package gnome-core package gnome-core-devel package gnome-games package gnome-games-devel package gnome-libs package gnome-libs-devel package gnome-linuxconf package gnome-media package gnome-objc package gnome-objc-devel package gnome-pim package gnome-pim-devel package gnome-users-guide package gnome-utils package GnoRPM gnorpm package GnoRPM!configuration GnoRPM!installing packages GnoRPM!package display GnoRPM!package manipulation GnoRPM!querying packages GnoRPM!removing packages with GnoRPM!selecting packages GnoRPM!starting

GnoRPM!uninstalling packages with

GnoRPM!upgrading packages with

GnoRPM!verifying packages gnotepad+ package gnuchess package gnumeric package gnuplot package gperf package gpm package gpm-devel package gqview package grep package groff package groff-gxditview package group creation group creation group management group modification group modification group modification group modification groups groups!floppy, use of groups!standard groups!user-private groups!user-private groups!user-private!rationale gsl package gtk+ package gtk+-devel package gtk+10 package gtk-engines package gtop package guavac package guile package guile-devel package gv package

GXedit package gzip package halt halt hard disk installation!for SPARC hard disk!basic concepts hard disk!extended partitions hard disk!filesystem formats hard disk!partition introduction hard disk!partition types hard disk!partitioning of hard drive installation hard drive installation hardware configuration hardware configuration!finding with Windows hardware supported by SPARC

hdparm package helptool package hostname hosts, managing hosts.allow hosts.allow!example hosts.deny howto package howto-chinese package howto-croatian package howto-french package howto-german package howto-greek package howto-html package howto-indonesian package howto-italian package howto-japanese package howto-korean package howto-polish package howto-serbian package howto-sgml package howto-slovenian package howto-spanish package howto-swedish package howto-turkish package HOWTOs HTTP Installation HTTP Installation HTTP Installation HTTP Installation!for SPARC HTTP installation, method ical package

IDE CD-ROM!unrecognized, problems with

ImageMagick package

ImageMagick-devel package imap package imlib package imlib-cfgeditor package imlib-devel package indent package indexhtml package inews package info package info pages information!license information!registration information, network information, pre-installation init, SysV-style initrd initscript utilities initscripts package inn package

inn-devel package








component selection


component selection










getting Red Hat Linux


Hard Drive


Hard Drive


hard drive










NFS Image


NFS server information


package information


package information


package selection


package selection


package selection


package selection


PCMCIA support


PCMCIA support


preparing for


selecting network drivers


TCP/IP networking



insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta insta

!upgrade -guide package ion class ion class ion guide ion method!CD-ROM

ion method!CD-ROM

ion method!FTP

ion method!hard drive ion method!hard drive ion method!HTTP

ion method!NFS Image ion method!selecting ion method!selecting ion method!selecting ion method, choosing for SPARC

ion methods ion mode, expert ion overview for SPARC

ion problems!IDE CD-ROM related insta insta ion program!booting ion program!booting without diskette insta insta insta insta insta insta ion program!keyboard navigation ion program!starting ion program!user interface ion program!virtual consoles ion!class ion!kickstart|seekickstart installations insta insta insta insta insta insta ion!language, selecting ion!printer ion, starting ation, starting ing packages ing packages

Intel intimed package ipchains package ipxutils package ircii package isapnptools package isicom package ispell package itcl package jed package jed-common package jed-xjed package joe package kaffe package kbdconfig package kdeadmin package kdebase package kdegames package kdegraphics package kdelibs package kdemultimedia package kdenetwork package kdesupport package kdeutils package kernel kernel daemon kernel drivers kernel options kernel package kernel!building kernel kernel kernel kernel kernel kernel kernel building custom custom initrd image for modular modular monolithic kernel-BOOT package kernel-doc package kernel-headers package kernel-ibcs package kernel-pcmcia-cs package kernel-smp package kernel-source package kernelcfg package kerneld kerneld!adding modules kerneld!changing modules kerneld!module options kerneld!restarting keyboard navigation, installation program keyboard type, selecting keymapjseekeyboard type, selecting kickstart file!authconfig kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi kickstart fi cdrom keyword clearpart keyword device keyword diskette-based format of install keyword keyboard keyword lang keyword lilo keyword

mouse keyword network keyword network-based nfs keyword

package selection specification kickstart fi part keyword kickstart fi post-installation configuration kickstart fi rootpw keyword kickstart fi

Shadow Password kickstart fi timezone keyword kickstart fi upgrade keyword kickstart fi xconfig keyword kickstart fi zerombr keyword kickstart installations kickstart installations! - -continue kickstart installations! noprobe kickstart installations!disk partitions kickstart installations!diskette-based kickstart installations!file format kickstart installations!file locations kickstart installations!network-based kickstart installations!partitions kickstart installations!starting knfsd package knfsd-clients package korganizer package kpilot package kpppload package kterm package language!selecting package ldconfig package

less package lha package libc package libelf package libghttp package libghttp-devel package libgr package libgr-devel package libgr-progs package libgtop package libgtop-devel package libgtop-examples package libjpeg package libjpeg-devel package libjpeg6a package libpcap package libpng package libpng-devel package libPropList package libstdc++ package libtermcap package libtermcap-devel package libtiff package libtiff-devel package libtool package libungif package libungif-devel package libungif-progs package libxml package libxml-devel package license information LILO LILO

lilo package LILO!/etc/lilo.conf LILO!Adding options to LILO!alternatives to

LILO!alternatives to!commercial products

LILO!alternatives to!LOADLIN

LILO!alternatives to!SYSLINUX


LILO!MBR, installing on

LILO!root partition, installing on

LILO!SMP Motherboards

LILO, BIOS-related issues

LILO, partition-related issues

Linux Applications CD Pack

Linux Documentation Project

Linux Documentation Project|seeLDP


Linux-like O/S!creating installation diskette with Linuxconf linuxconf package Linuxconf! with Linuxconf Linuxconf!account management with Linuxconf!account management with Linuxconf!account modification with Linuxconf!account modification with Linuxconf!changing password with Linuxconf!changing password with Linuxconf!changing root password with Linuxconf!changing root password with Linuxconf!deleting account with Linuxconf!deleting account with Linuxconf!deleting group with

Linuxconf!deleting group with Linuxconf!disabling account with Linuxconf!disabling account with Linuxconf!enabling account with Linuxconf!filesystem review with Linuxconf!filesystem review with Linuxconf!group creation with Linuxconf!group creation with Linuxconf!group management with Linuxconf!group modification with Linuxconf!group modification with Linuxconf!group modification with Linuxconf!group modification with Linuxconf!modem configuration with Linuxconf!modem configuration with Linuxconf!nameserver specification with Linuxconf!network configuration with Linuxconf!network configuration with Linuxconf!network configuration with Linuxconf!NFS mount addition with Linuxconf!NFS mount addition with Linuxconf!overview of Linuxconf!PPP configuration modification Linuxconf!PPP configuration modification Linuxconf!PPP configuration with Linuxconf!PPP configuration with Linuxconf!running

Linuxconf!SLIP configuration modification Linuxconf!SLIP configuration modification Linuxconf!SLIP configuration with Linuxconf!SLIP configuration with Linuxconf!time setting with Linuxconf!tree menu Linuxconf!users, adding with Linuxconf!users, adding with Linuxconf!web access linuxconf-devel package LOADLIN

local media installations local media installations!CD-ROM

local media installations!hard drive local printer, configuring local printer, configuring locate command, finding documentation with logrotate package losetup package lout package lout-doc package lpd printer, configuring lpd printer, configuring lpg package lpr package lrzsz package lslk package lsof package ltrace package lynx package m4 package macutils package mailcap package mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing mailing ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists ists apollo-list applixware-list axp-list blinux-list cde-list gnome-announce gtk-list hurricane-list linux-alert linux-security m68k-list pam-list redhat-announce-list redhat-devel-list redhat-install-list redhat-list redhat-ppp-list rpm-list sound-list sparc-list mailing lists!support from mailx package make package

MAKEDEV package makewhatis man package man pages man pages!how to read man pages!printing man pages!searching man pages!sections man-pages package mars-nwe package master boot recordjseeMBR mawk package Maximum RPM MBR, installing LILO on mc package mcserv package metamail package methods, installation mgetty package mgetty-sendfax package mgetty-viewfax package mgetty-voice package mikmod package mingetty package minicom package missing components mkbootdisk package mkdosfs-ygg package mkinitrd package mkisofs package mkkickstart package mkswap mktemp package mkxauth package mod_perl package mod_php package mod_php3 package modem configuration modem configuration modemtool package module parameters modules!PAM modutils package mount package mount points and partitions mounting NFS filesystems mouse, configuring mouseconfig package mpage package mpg123 package

MS-DOS!creating installation diskette with mt-st package mtools and the floppy group mtools package multimedia package mutt package mxp package nag package nameserver!selecting nameservers, specifying nc package ncftp package ncompress package ncpfs package ncurses package ncurses-devel package ncurses3 package net-tools package netcfg package netkit-base package netnews, support from netscape-common package netscape-communicator package netscape-navigator package Netware printer, configuration NetWare printer, configuration network adapters, pocket network boot commands, SPARC network boot commands, SPARC install network boot diskette network configuration network configuration network configuration network configuration network configuration network configuration dialogs network configuration!adding device network devices, clone network information network installations network installations!FTP

network installations!HTTP

network installations!NFS

network installations!NFS!FTP!HTTP

network routes, managing network!interface!aliasing networking new features new features!2.2 kernel new features new features

APM enabled kernel

Authentication Configuration new features

Enlightenment new features font support new features


new features

Initscripts new features installation method new features installation-related new features

new features miscellaneous new features new boot disks new features

Optimized kernels new features package selection new features pcmcia support disk new features

SMP Motherboard support new features switchdesk new features

TrueType font support new features

Xconfigurator newt package newt-devel package NFS Installation NFS Installation NFS Installation NFS Installation!for SPARC NFS mount, adding NFS mount, adding NFS mounts, adding NFS mounts, adding NFS!configuration NFS!exporting NFS!mounting

NFS-mounted root, SPARC install using nmh package non-destructive partitioning notes, editor's nscd package ntsysv package ntsysv utility

O'Reilly & Associates O'Reilly & Associates on-line documentation open package options, kernel ORBit package ORBit-devel package OS/2 OS/2 overview p2c package p2c-devel package package manipulation with GnoRPM package!installation screen package!installation screen packages!dependencies packages!dependencies packages!dependencies packages!determining file ownership packages!documentation packages!finding deleted files from packages!freshening with RPM packages!handy hints packages!installing packages!installing packages!installing packages!keys for viewing packages packages!keys for viewing packages packages!list of packages!locating documentation for packages!obtaining information on packages!obtaining information on packages!obtaining list of files packages!preserving config files packages!querying packages!querying uninstalled packages!removing packages!removing with glint packages!selecting packages!selecting packages!selecting individual packages!selecting individual packages!uninstalling with GnoRPM packages!upgrading packages!upgrading with GnoRPM packages!verifying packages!verifying with GnoRPM packages!verifying with GnoRPM packages, GnoRPM PAM

pam package

PAM!additional information PAM!configuration files PAM!modules PAM!rexec, access to PAM!services parameters, CD-ROM modules parameters, Ethernet modules parameters, module ion!/boot ion!MILO

ion!root ion!swap ioning ioning!basic concepts ioning!destructive ioning!introduction to ioning!LILO issues related to ioning!non-destructive ioning!other operating systems ioning!using free space ioning!using in-use partition ioning!using unused partition ions ions ions ions ions ions ions ions ions ions ions ions basic concepts changing table of changing table of creating creating extended formatting formatting how many introduction to making room for mount points relation with ions naming of ions numbering of ions types of passwd package password!root, setting passwords!shadow patch package pciutils package PCMCIA support

PCMCIA, support during installation pdksh package perl package perl-MD5 package pidentd package pilot-link package pilot-link-devel package pine package playmidi package playmidi-X11 package PLIP PLIP


pluggable authentication modulesjseePAM

pmake package pmake-customs package pocket network adapters popt package portmap package postgresql package postgresql-clients package postgresql-devel package

PPP configuration

PPP configuration

PPP configuration!modification of

PPP configuration!modification of ppp package pppjseePPP

pre-installation information printer configuration printer configuration printer configuration!finalizing printer configuration!LAN manager printer configuration!local printer configuration!local printer configuration!local printer configuration!NCP printer configuration!netware printer configuration!NetWare printer configuration!NetWare printer configuration!remote printer configuration!remote lpd printer configuration!remote lpd printer configuration!SMB

printer configuration!SMB, Windows 95/NT

printer configuration!SMB, Windows 95/NT

printer configuration!test page printer configuration!verifying printtool package processor!AMD

processor!Cyrix processor!Intel procinfo package procmail package procps package procps-X11 package programs, running at boot time psacct package psmisc package pump package pwdb package pygnome package pygtk package python package python-devel package python-docs package pythonlib package qt package qt-devel package querying packages with GnoRPM

quick start quota package raidtools package ramdisk, criteria for use on SPARC

RARP commands, SPARC install rawrite, creating installation diskette with rc.local, modifying rcs package rdate package rdist package reading man pages readline package readline-devel package

README files recursionjseerecursion

Red Hat Linux boxed set, contents of

Red Hat Linux CDs

Red Hat Linux!what it is

Red Hat Linux, methods of installing

Red Hat newsgroups

Red Hat Package ManagerjseeRPM

Red Hat Software!mailing lists

Red Hat Software!mailing lists

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!apollo-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!applixware-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!axp-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!blinux-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!cde-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!gnome-announce

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!gtk-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!hurricane-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!linux-alert

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!linux-security

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!m68k-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!pam-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!redhat-announce-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!redhat-devel-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!redhat-install-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!redhat-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!redhat-ppp-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!rpm-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!sound-list

Red Hat Software!mailing lists!sparc-list

Red Hat Software!WWW

Red Hat-specific file locations redhat-logos package redhat-release package registration information remote lpd printer, configuring remote lpd printer, configuring removing packages with GnoRPM

rescue mode rescue mode!using a trick rescue mode!using diskettes rescue mode!using LILO restarting kerneld rexec, access to rgrep package rhl-alpha-install-addend-en package rhl-getting-started-guide-en package rhl-install-guide-en package rhmask package rhs-hwdiag package rhs-printfilters package rhsound package rmt package root password root password, changing root password, changing rootfiles package routed package routes, managing rpm rpm package rpm!book written about rpm!dependencies rpm!design goals rpm!determining file ownership with rpm!file conflicts, resolving rpm!finding deleted files with rpm!freshen rpm!freshening rpm!handy hints rpm!installing rpm!locating documentation with rpm!mailing list devoted to rpm!other resources rpm!preserving config files rpm!querying rpm!querying for file list rpm!querying uninstalled packages rpm!uninstalling rpm!upgrading rpm!using rpm!verifying rpm!web site devoted to rpm-devel package RPMjseerpm rsh package rsync package rusers package rwall package rwho package rxvt package sag package samba package sash package screen package SCSI

SCSI support

SCSI support sed package selecting components selecting components selecting packages selecting packages selecting packages with GnoRPM

sendmail sendmail package sendmail!aliases sendmail!masquerading sendmail!with UUCP

sendmail-cf package sendmail-doc package serial terminal installation for SPARC


services, controlling access to services, selecting for autostart setconsole package setserial package setup package setuptool package sgml-tools package sh-utils package shadow passwords shadow utilities shadow-utils package shapecfg package sharutils package shutdown shutdown

SILO configuration slang package slang-devel package SLIP SLIP

SLIP configuration

SLIP configuration

SLIP configuration!modification of

SLIP configuration!modification of sliplogin package slipjseeSLIP

slocate package slrn package slrn-pull package

SMB, Windows 95/NT printer, configuring SMB, Windows 95/NT printer, configuring SMP Motherboards!LILO sndconfig package sox package sox-devel package SPARC computer SPARC!boot method, choosing SPARC!booting!from diskette SPARC!CD-ROM boot commands SPARC!CD-ROM installation SPARC!choosing installation method SPARC!console commands SPARC!disk partitioning SPARC!diskette boot commands SPARC!FTP installation SPARC!hard disk installation

SPARC!HTTP installation

SPARC!installation overview

SPARC!installation with serial terminal

SPARC!network boot commands

SPARC!NFS installation

SPARC!NFS-mounted root, installation using

SPARC!overview of information specific to

SPARC!ramdisk criteria

SPARC!SILO configuration

SPARC!supported hardware

SPARC!unsupported CD-ROMs

SPARC!unsupported hardware

SPARC!using network boot commands

SPARC!using RARP during install

SPARC!using TFTP during install

SPARC-specific information specspo package squid package standard groups standard users starting installation starting installation program stat package statserial package strace package structure, filesystem support from mailing lists support from Usenet support, technical svgalib package svgalib-devel package

SVGATextMode package swap space, initializing swap space, initializing swapoff swapoff swapon swapon swapon swapon swatch package switchdesk package switchdesk-gnome package switchdesk-kde package symlinks package sysconfig information sysklogd package


system administration

System Commander system configuration system configurationjseeLinuxconf system shutdown

SysV init

SysV init!directories used by SysV init!runlevels used by SysVinit package talk package taper package tar package tcl package tclx package TCP wrapper tcp_wrappers package tcpd tcpdump package tcsh package technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support technical support telnet package

how to send questions for how to state problem for obtaining overview registering registering!via email registering!via fax registering!via snail mail registering!via WWW

where to send support request termcap package test page, printer tetex package tetex-afm package tetex-doc package tetex-dvilj package tetex-dvips package tetex-latex package tetex-xdvi package texinfo package textutils package tftp package

TFTP setup, SPARC install time package time zone, setting time!setting time, setting timeconfig package timed package timetool package tin package tix package tk package tkinter package tksysv package tmpwatch package token ring

Torvalds, Linus

Torvalds, Linus traceroute package transfig package tree package trn package trojka package tunelp package ucd-snmp package ucd-snmp-devel package ucd-snmp-utils package umb-scheme package unarj package uninstalling packages with GnoRPM units package unzip package upgrade upgrade, description of upgrade, description of upgrade, performing upgrade, performing upgrading packages with GnoRPM

upgrading, how to urlview package urw-fonts package


Usenet!Red Hat-specific groups user interface, installation program user-private groups user-private groups user-private groups, rationale behind usermode package usernet package users users!standard users, adding users, adding utempter package util-linux package utilities!shadow uucp package verifying packages with GnoRPM video configuration vim-common package vim-enhanced package vim-minimal package vim-X11 package virtual consoles vixie-cron package vlock package w3c-libwww package w3c-libwww-apps package w3c-libwww-devel package wget package which package

WindowMaker package

Windows!finding hardware configuration with with Linuxconf wmakerconf package wmconfig package words package wu-ftpd package

X Windows, configuring xllamp package xllamp-devel package X11R6-contrib package x3270 package xanim package Xaw3d package Xaw3d-devel package xbanner package xbill package xboard package xboing package xchat package Xconfigurator Xconfigurator package xcpustate package xdaliclock package xdosemu package xearth package xfig package xfishtank package xfm package XFree86 package XFree86!configuration XFree86-100dpi-fonts package XFree86-3DLabs package XFree86-75dpi-fonts package XFree86-8514 package XFree86-AGX package XFree86-cyrillic-fonts package

XFreeB6-devel package

XFreeB6-doc package

XFreeB6-FBDev package

XFreeB6-Il2B package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-2 package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-2-lGGdpi-fonts package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-2-75dpi-fonts package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-2-Typel-fonts package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-9 package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-9-lGGdpi-fonts package

XFreeB6-ISOBB59-9-75dpi-fonts package

XFreeB6-libs package

XFreeB6-Mach32 package

XFreeB6-Mach64 package

XFreeB6-MachB package

XFreeB6-Mono package

XFreeB6-P9GGG package

XFreeB6-S3 package

XFreeB6-S3V package

XFreeB6-SVGA package

XFreeB6-VGAl6 package

XFreeB6-W32 package

XFreeB6-XFB6Setup package

XFreeB6-xfs package

XFreeB6-Xnest package

XFreeB6-Xvfb package xgammon package xinitrc package xjewel package xlispstat package xloadimage package xlockmore package xmailbox package xmorph package xntp3 package xosview package xpaint package xpat2 package xpdf package xpilot package xpm package xpm-devel package xpuzzles package xrn package xscreensaver package xsysinfo package xtoolwait package xtrojka package xwpick package xxgdb package yp-tools package ypbind package ypserv package ytalk package zgv package zip package zlib package zlib-devel package zsh package

/etc/pam.conf /etc/pam.d



New Features of Red Hat Linux 6.0






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